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So fic-induced nostalgia that led me to spending a man on comics and writing 40k+ words of fic has led me to creating a Superboy playlist and to throwing him at a test-drive meme. I am now 100% I intend to app him in a week.

Not sure how I feel about this.
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State of the journal!

I made my first livejournal entry on the 14th April 2002. I was still at Uni, I think I was still at Bishop Julius at that point. I was passionate about writing. I was passionate about truth. If you're going to write at all, I decided, you've got to be truthful. Freedom, beauty, honesty -- you can't have one without the others. That was what my livejournal was all about. Well that, and anime -- at that time, it wasn't mainstream enough that you could just talk about what shows you were watching with the friends you were hanging out with and not seem like a pretentious twat. Of course, I did act like a pretentious twat, but I was a young 20-year-old and it was a valuable learning curve.

As was my livejournal.

When I started my livejournal, I felt it was the only place I could really express the geekier sides of my personality. I made the decision not to friend's lock posts. I wanted to be entirely open. My friends were mostly my writing friends from various fandoms, and so this worked okay. As I grew and made more friends at Uni and later in Sendai, livejournal became a place to talk about my Japan experiences and that's where things started to get tricky. I learned that being truthful and honest is all well and good; but that writers also have a responsibility to protect the privacy of those they write about. I don't think I've ever crossed the line, but it's a concern I have and one that's stopped me from using this journal in recent months.

Okay, okay. Recent years. Being open was important to me; I've seen the paranoia and upset caused by friend's locked posts and really didn't want to add to that -- but I think scaling back this journal is the right thing to do and to do that -- at least initially -- this journal is going friend's only. I'm sorry for the people who are going to come here looking for fics they've loved in the past and not be able to find them. For you -- just for you guys -- I've created girl_starfics (see what I did there). I'm going to start moving over my fics there. Right now, it's open membership but only for about a week because I am paranoid about potential publishing issues. Once the week is up, just request membership and I'll approve you, etc.

If you think you should be on my friend's list and are not, please comment here and let me know I've screwed up -- I'm going to assume that most of my fandom friends are more interested in the fic and will join the comm, especially if we haven't talked in some time! Please do tell me if I assume incorrectly. Thank you! And apologies for the inconvenience. This has been a long time coming, in part because I didn't want to risk upsetting people, but I hope people won't mind too much if I want my personal journal to be a little more personal.